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INFINITE, after grabbed their very first #1 win through Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘, and were finally allowed to move into a new dorm!

A source close to INFINITE revealed to OSEN that “The current dorm has already been put up on the market. The new dorm that they’ll move into is a new apartment. I found it was quite nice when I went to check it out.” The source also revealed that the members were incredibly excited over this long-awaited move, and couldn’t hold back their glee.

After securing 1st place two weeks in a row on ‘M! Countdown’, INFINITE experienced a boost in star power and have been labeled as the new idol group to be watched. They’ve been receiving an unceasing flow of requests to appear on music shows, as well as various broadcast programs.

INFINITE’s old dorm is famous amongst fans as an old two-story house located in Manwondong. Described to be an old and shabby place, the boys have been calling it ‘home’ since their trainee days. The members even had to share one bathroom between them.

The group had previously revealed, “If the members are talking inside the house, all the fans outside can hear what they’re talking about as well.”

INFINITE’s management, Woollim Entertainment, had promised the members a new dorm if they were able to secure a 1st place win on a music program, which added fuel to their burning desire to succeed.

Congratulations, boys!


“We moved to our new dormitory!”

As you had seen before, the dorm of Infinite was their main stage of “Infinite’s Sesame Player Season 2″ and also “You Are My Oppa”. And now, they finally said goodbye to their old dorm. The company gave them a new dormitory as a gift for their achievement in taking several 1st places in some music shows. The dorm was slightly wider that the previous ones. And now, the boys boasted about their new dorm!

Woohyun boasted, “The floor was covered by gorgeous marble tiles!” But then Sunggyu Laughed and added, “Wait! your words earns misunderstanding trouble. All rooms have the marble tiles in our apartment. our room isn’t that special.”

The boys told that they have 3 bedrooms, just like the previous dorm. but, the room arrangements were a little bit different. Hoya shares his bedroom with Sungjong, Sunggyu shares his room with Woohyun, while L, Sungyeol, and Dongwoo shared their bedroom together. each rooms had their own stories.

Hoya and Sungjong’s Room

Hoya: It’s easy to stay. Because Sungjong is first to clean up room if I ask him.

Sungjong: I’m feeling easy,Hoya hyung(*brother) helps me. We support each other to tidy up our room. Our room should be most clean. Besides,Hoya hyung knows well about wits of how to live,I can learn a lot from him.

Hoya: The good point in staying with Sungjong,is that I can ask him doing anything for me. (LOL) But anyway,I prefer own my room alone.

Sungjong: What!? Ok,now I have something to tell you. Make sure to squeeze floor cloth!

2,Sunggyu&Woohyun’s room

Sunggyu: Since I get along with Woohyun,we have never had quarrel. So I have nothing especially to ask him.

Woohyun: I have something to tell you. I love you. (LOL)

Sunggyu: Thanks. (LOL) Our room is peaceful. No one mess up

Woohyun: I don’t know why but our room is something unclean.

Sunggyu: Because of too many clothes. But new room has big closet,so we can put them into closet completely!

3,Dongwoo,Sungyeol&L’s room

Sungyeol: Our room’s rule is “you’re gonna die if you put things on floor!”

L: If there’s something on floor,everyone think he can do it like that. That’s human psychology,right? So I try not to put things on floor as possible as I can. You know,Dongwoo hyun!

Dongwoo: Eh,I put nothing in our room! Now you’re the worst that put lots of things in our room!?

L: Those are baggage ready to be sent.

Sungyeol: Hey hey,don’t argue,get along!!

Dongwoo: But we should tell the truth!

L: I got it. I’m gonna send my baggage sooner.


Source + Photo: OSEN via Naver







And the market where Sunggyu brought Dubu out for a walk (and he ate some Odeng)

Deeenah on explained that she had gone to Infinite’s new dorm last time

“Now before you look at me with squinty judgmental eyes, I did NO stalking. I was in the area for like 15 min (before heading to Hongdae for shopping yay!!) just to take a few pictures and to see the dorm upgrade for myself. And please do not ask me for directions to the dorm (I am pretty sure a famous Infinite fanblog out there has directions). The only things I can tell you is that :

1. The dorm is INDEED in Mangwon-Dong

2. And if you (like me) have watched Sesame Player religiously, episode 3 has a VERY BIG HINT on where their new dorm is 🙂

3. The dorm is not as high as I thought it would be. When I watched Birth of a Family, it seemed like it was a tall building. There were a few apartment towers in the compound itself, but each building was possibly about 10 stories high?

4.  It is actually located in quite a bustling part of the area. It was around 5pm when I was there and there were loads of people going to and fro the market. I wonder how many of them have seen Infinite around?”

Source : Deeenah


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