Facts about Infinite

Published February 1, 2013 by keinapakkein


All of the INFINITE members lost weight during the making of their EVOLUTION album.
Scorpion dance real name is budding dance.
All of INFINITE members likes Mitra Jin more than Tablo.
The boys almost didn’t debut under the name Infinite, but rather under a name like Supersonic, I-pop or Blackberry.
It took two hours to shoot the rain scehe for Come Back Again MV, and the boys were singing live at that time.

Although the shooting of You are My Oppa was ended long time ago, but untill today the boys still make contact with Jiae.
As the boy all live together and spend all day together, they don’t even have to look into each others eyes to know each others thinking.
The boys call Sunggyu as an Old Boy and other members are young boy
All the boys treat people older than them so well.
The member who is the cleanest among the boys is nobody. So the cleanest one is the manager.

The boys do the laundry by themeselves in teams: (Sunggyu, L & Hoya) and (Sungyeol, Woohyun & Dongwoo)
The boys learned the choreography by watching a video of themeselves dancing.
The boys bought an alarm clock that is very loud but they haven’t been hearing it from a certain point on because they’re so tired.

Did you know that Sunggyu successfully persuaded Dongwoo into letting him read his diary/journal because he thought that it would be filled with philosophical things since Dongwoo wrote raps and lyrics? Well, Leader Gyugyu was wrong. Dongwoo only wrote about what he had for lunch and how his day (schedule) was.
‎Did you know that Infinite began studying Japanese even before their Korean debut? They wanted to get a head start in the Japanese language in order to break into the Japanese music market.

Did you know that Infinite can’t “expose” themselves because Sungjong is too skinny and Sungyeol’s stomach fat?
Did you know that if an apocalypse (end of the world) were to happen, Dongwoo would say goodbye to his family and go to sleep so he wouldn’t know that it happened, L and Woohyun would plant and tree, and Sungjong would pray?
‎Did you know that L’s dream proposal is to just ask his girlfriend, in the most sincere voice, “Will you marry me?”

Did you know that is Jaws were to come and attack the members, and they can only save one member first, Dongwoo would tell the members to kill Jaws and eat him together, Sungyeol would say that they should all die together instead of saving one member only, Sungjong would save Dongwoo because he can’t swim, Hoya would find a way to save everyone, and Sunggyu would save the magnae first!

Did you know that if the members love of their life was a plastic surgery beauty & bald, Hoya would be okay with the PS but plant some hair on top of his love’s head, Dongwoo would notice his love try to hide her baldness but instead, he would tell her that she’s even prettier when she’s bald, and Sungyeol and Sungjong would be more than okay with her because it is someone they love.

Did you know that if the members were locked up in a room by a stranger, Sungyeol would escape and plot revenge on them, Dongwoo would try to logically compromise with them but if it doesn’t work, he would make them laugh so they can feel better and let him go, and L would just scream “OPEN UP!!!”

Did you know that if Dongwoo would write a Valentines Day letter, he would put “Thanks for meeting a guy like me, instead of the chocolates that everyone else gives, take me.”
Did you know that if the members can only remember one thing for the rest of their lives, Dongwoo wouldn’t want to forget himself, Woohyun wants to remember the day when inspirits sang as one and made him cry, Hoya, Sungyeol, and Sunggyu wants to remember everyone they love.

Did you know that Woohyun’s and Sungyeol’s dream proposal is to propose on worldwide television? Hoya compose a song for her and sing it to her. Sunggyu would buy a private plane and go on a private vacation just them two. Dongwoo would borrow a small boat and when the timing is right, he’ll confess his love. Sungjong would go to a mt. summit and knell down and propose to her.

Did you know that once the members found Woohyun nose was bleeding when he woke up? (do you guys get it? if you’re nose bleed, people say you were thinking perverted thoughts LOL!)
Did you know that if the world froze, Dongwoo would eat everything, wear anything, drive fancy cars, play all the game devices he can, go to foreign countries, and sightsee? While Dongwoo is having fun, Sunggyu would be missing his family.

Did you know that Sungjong wants a robot that would give him piggyback rides? L wants a robot that would be JUST like him. Sungyeol wants a robot that would help him with his variety show skills and Dongwoo wants a robot that’ll never get tired, no matter how much it plays and dances all day.
Did you know that if everyone became a zombie, Sungjong would keep fighting them while running away. Also, he would find a potion that would change everyone back to a human and save the world.

Did you that Woohyun is “closer” to Sunggyu because Sunggyu doesn’t snore or have bad sleeping habits unlike Sungyeol who snores and has to sleep the farthest away from Woohyun.
Did you know the thing that L hates the most is Sungyeol and the thing Sungyeol hates the most is L? So, Sungyeol’s main habit he needs to break is fighting with L.
Did you know that Hoya’s favorite color is purple? The first thing he does in the morning in put on purple clothes and he has a a lot of purple things in his bag. So, his habit he wants to break is only liking one color (purple).

Did you know that Dongwoo not only compares himself to a dinosaur, donkey and a horse but also to ostriches, pterodactyls, giraffes, and goldfishes
Did you know that Sungyeol got mad at L because he didn’t want to stratch Yeolie’s back? He felt like dying from the itch. (love-hate relationship from MyungYeol.

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