Facts about Sung Yeol (이성열)

Published February 1, 2013 by keinapakkein


Sungyeol may seem like the studious & smart type.But he’s really allof.He has a lot of weak points like whenever he talks, he squeaks and he easily cries.
Sungyeol wasn’t a singer, he would become a repeater of the Department of Theater and Film.
Sungyeol likes a younger girl than a nuna.

SeongYeol is very emotional.
SeongYeol was in Acting part of SM Academy once before.
Sungyeol fears with ghosts.
Sungyeol is the last member who join Infinite.

Although Sungyeol has family members in entertainment industry, he doesn’t want to rely on their help. He wants to see how far he can go with his own effort.
Who doesn’t know that Sungyeol is a talkative and active person??
Sungyeol now is working hard to study English.
Sungyeol’s precious thing is a letter from a fan.He keeps it in his desk and he’s going to laminate it or hung it to the wall.

Sungyeol, his nose is his best body part.
In photo shoot sesion, Sungyeol is the one who has the most awakward and hilarios poses.
Sungyeol is the one who loves bullying his managers and his members.
Sungyeol claimed that he knows Chinese. But unfortunataly, he’s not fluent as he thinks.
Sungyeol is a person who easy to cry. But when he suppose to cry 4 a purpose like a MV, he can’t be easily drop his tears.
Sungyeol would like to try a role which is strong yet funny like actors Yoo Haejin or Kim Changjung

Sungyeol ideal type: a woman who doesn’t pretend to be innocent & easy going, yet her actions aren’t disliked.
Sungyeol had cried at a wedding of a relative whose face he had never seen before.Sungyeol actually cried while looking at the with background for the wedding.
Seongyeol begged the hairstylist to dye his hair in green for the BTD.
If seongyeol has one last day with her love, he will promise to meet her in the next life.
Sungyeol got mad at L because he didn’t want to stratch Yeolie’s back. He felt like dying from the itch.

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