Facts about L (김명수)

Published February 1, 2013 by keinapakkein


Myungsoo has a younger brother who is two years younger than him.
Myungsoo’s home town is in Seoul.
There was a high-class look & an eccentric feeling about L at first but when he starts to speak in his regional dialect, he seems more human-like.
Myungsoo had interest towards being an entertainer rather than a singer.
For Myungsoo, his nose is his best body part.
Myungsoo has a dream as a photographer.

Myungsoo loves to play a ball.
Myungsoo may look delicated but he is actually pretty stubborn and have a temper.
Myungsoo is the member who is very alert with camera.
Myungsoo is the member who eats a lot.
Myungsoo’s motto is “Enjoy this moment right now”
As soon as Myungsoo become 20, if there’s time, he wants to go on a penniless journey.
L was in God of Study,but his part was cut.

L is just like a pineaple. Hard and rough on the outside but sweet on the inside.
L was similar to Deathnote L when he was a trainee with his long hair and all. Also they say that he moves and voice resembles L from death Note.
L feel most confident with his eyes.
L can spend his one last day with his LOVE.
L role model dbsk.

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