Facts about Hoya (이호원)

Published February 1, 2013 by keinapakkein


Hoya’s home town is in Busan.
Hoya learned how to rap from Epik High’s Mithra Jin and Gonzo.
When Hoya meet someone for the first time, he feels like he becomes close with them when thwy call him Hoya not Howon.
Hoya’s room mates are Sunggyu and Sungjong (before) but now he’s with Sungjong only.
Hoya’s mom supported him and helped him to pursue his dream the best that she could. But unfortunately Hoya’s dad has yet to changed his mind.He’s still not happy with Hoya’s decision.

Hoya likes to practice untill late. So he overslept a lot.
Hoya resembles Jjanggu character because of his dark eyebrows. *but now it isn’t dark anymore
Hoya always thinks that he has the best body among the members.
Hoya likes KBS’ Six Hour program,because it reminds him of his grandparents.
Hoya dropped out from high school during his fresh men year when he was 17yo to learn how to sing and dance.

Hoya was a taekwondo athelete up till middle school & received his 3rd – degree black belt.
Hoya stoped his taekwondo activities bcz he was entering a tournament that wasn’t his level & got hit a lot during it.
Hoya thinks that he has the best body among the other members.
Hoya ripped his pants during their first performance.
If Hoya had a y0unger sister, he thinks love is m0re important.

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